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Two years Fastpart - Two years of success

Hagen, 18.04.2016

Sicilian EUROPART distributor Fastpart headquartered in Catania celebrates its second anniversary / Only 24 months after its founding: commercial vehicle spare parts distributor with CEO Tony Catania has become established on the southern Italian island / Recipe for success is fixed in the company name: speed in parts supply

Fastpart celebrates a small anniversary in May. Exactly two years ago owner Tony Catania founded the trading company for commercial vehicle spare parts in Catania – as one of the first EUROPART distributors in Italy. Since then, Fastpart has experienced rapid growth. Last autumn they already opened the first branch in Termini Imerese, near Palermo. For EUROPART country manager Francesco Marangio the partnership with Fastpart is fortunate: "Tony Catania is not only a designated spare parts specialist with over 15 years of experience in this industry. He also brings in a lot of commitment and attaches great importance to expert advice and customer proximity. Thus, Fastpart complements the European network of EUROPART in an ideal way."

To mark the anniversary, Fastpart is hosting a celebration including an in-house exhibition followed by a meeting on the industrial vehicles parts business, to which the enterprise has invited customers from all over Sicily. There, selected suppliers will present their portfolio and new products. Even Pierre Fleck, CEO of EUROPART, doesn’t want to miss the chance to participate and personally congratulate Tony Catania on the anniversary.

From the very beginning, Tony Catania believed in a solid partnership with EUROPART: "With EUROPART we have found an ideal partner who will enable us to meet our commercial vehicle customers more than satisfied. We can draw on the extensive EUROPART product range with more than 400,000 parts for trucks, buses and trailers, as well as on the logistics with fast delivery service from the central warehouse in Germany. In addition with our local warehouse, we thus could provide a superior service for our customers from the outset and ensure high availability of the parts."

Another advantage of the partnership with EUROPART is the unique private label concept. "With the products of the EUROPART private label we can offer our customers an economically attractive alternative to original branded products, especially in wear and consumable parts" says Tony Catania. "This offer is very well accepted by our customers, and is thus a further building block of our success."

The product range of EUROPART private label now includes more than 6,500 parts. The focus lies on parts with low technical complexity and high demand, such as wear and tear. Examples are brakes, suspension parts, filters and other engine accessories, lighting, body parts, chemicals or tools. The quality of all EUROPART private label products meets the high requirements for original parts in the automotive industry and is monitored by internal quality auditors as well as by external testing organizations. An example of the high quality of the EUROPART parts is their use in the European Truck Racing Championship. As an example, EUROPART private label brakes are in use in the third truck racing season without any weaknesses or failures and have thus proven their stability and reliability.

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