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EUROPART Product Competence: Cooling

Hagen, 14.08.2017

Extensive range of spare and retrofit parts for the entire cooling System / Products suitable for trucks, buses, transporters and Workshop / Detailed practical advice and maintenance tips / Help to identify causes of damage

The cooling system with all its components is an essential part of every combustion engine. Damage and malfunctions in the cooling system can lead not only to malfunctions during operation of the vehicle, but also lead to substantial consequential damages as well as engine damages. Early detection of damage and its causes is therefore just as important as the professional repair with perfectly fitting quality parts. In addition to the most important parts and components for the cooling system of trucks, buses and transporters, EUROPART also presents appropriate tools and diagnostic equipment, as well as operating equipment and workshop equipment for the engine cooling, in the current competence brochure "Cooling". Practical advice for the detection of causes of damage as well as information on the design and function as well as the quality criteria of important components such as motor coolers, fans or water pump supplement the product information.

The range of products presented in the new EUROPART competence brochure "Cooling" comprises more than 300 different products: in addition to engine coolers, among others compensating tanks, coolant and charge air hoses, fan wheels, thermostats, viscous couplings and water pumps. On additional information pages, readers will receive information on the quality assurance at EUROPART or an insight into the production process of viscous couplings. In addition to products from premium brand manufacturers such as Behr-Hella, Mahle or Contitech, EUROPART also presents numerous parts from the EUROPART Premium Parts product range in the product brochure "Cooling".

Everything for the cooling system

Only recently, EUROPART has significantly expanded the product area Cooling in its own brand EUROPART Premium Parts. Water pumps, coolers, coolant expansion tanks and fan-type Visco clutches for all of the popular truck models have already been found in the own brand range. A new addition to EUROPART range are coolant hoses and coolant thermostats for many current and older engine series.

The EUROPART radiators are made of a high-quality and at the same time light combination of plastics, aluminum and steel and are very temperature-resistant. The exact manufacturing with the latest production methods ensures a high level of accuracy. Each individual radiator is tested for leaks before delivery. The same applies to the coolant expansion tanks. The new Visco clutches in the EUROPART own-brand program are also manufactured to the highest automotive standards. They are designed for working temperatures from -40 to +150 degrees Celsius and equipped with high-quality ball bearings in original equipment quality. Thanks to high-quality materials, the exact compliance with all function-relevant dimensions and a precise run-out, EUROPART Visco Clutches can transmit very high torques and ensure a constant coolant temperature.

The new thermostats use only high-quality materials. Thanks to the exact compliance with all functionally relevant dimensions, the EUROPART thermostats offer a high level of accuracy and functional safety. This ensures that the exact temperature of the opening is maintained, and the thermostats regulate the flow and thus the temperature of the coolant exactly according to the manufacturer's specifications. The new EUROPART coolant hoses offer the same high quality, accuracy of fit and functional reliability. Only materials of original equipment quality are used in production. Thus the hoses are made of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber with a textile mesh of polyester (PET). As a result, the hoses fulfill all the requirements of DIN ISO 73411 and SAE J20, are pressure and temperature resistant from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius, yet they are so flexible that they can accommodate all the roll and pitch movements of the engine.

The new EUROPART competence brochure Cooling is available free of charge from all EUROPART branches or by telephone under the free EUROPART order hotline 0800 9090905. In addition, the brochure can be downloaded online via the EUROPART homepage as well as via the EUROPART EWOS workshop online system.

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