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EUROPART is Taking Next Step: Further Growth in Spain

Hagen / Madrid, 17.03.2017

Opening of 1st owned branch: Eurorecanvis Girona / Joint venture with local partner, former Distributor / Enabling EUROPART services for truck, buses and workshops customers in Girona

EUROPART CEO Pierre Fleck and Country Manager Spain Giuseppe Cinanni announced a strategic development in the Spanish organizational structure of EUROPART at the Motortec 2017 in Madrid on March 17: EUROPART bundles forces with longtime partner ARS from Lleida (Auto Recanvis Segre SL) and is opening the joint venture Eurorecanvis Girona at the end of June. In addition to its headquarters in Barcelona, EUROPART now has its first own sales branch and first own warehouse in Spain. The basis for further growth is thus laid.

"In order to use the great potential of the Spanish market and the Girona region with its active transit traffic and many forwarding companies, we decided to bundle our forces with our partner ARS,” says Fleck. "There is no distributor partner of ours in the region, so we are opening up a complete new area here and at the same time we are opening our first own sales location. This joint venture is a major step showing that we are heading into the right direction." 

Giuseppe Cinanni adds: "Our strategy and our business model have been evolving consistently: we want to further penetrate the market and continue to respect and rely on the local coverage of our actual distributor partnerships, which are existing since 2014 now. When it comes to regions with no EUROPART presence today, we will evaluate new expansions and solutions always with respect to our existing partners who will have many benefits from this development.”

European Truck Parts, the EUROPART Spanish Headquarter, will continue its activity with its distributors at national level separated from the joint venture. “Eurorecanvis Girona will be selling in the province of Girona only, as stated in the JV agreement" says Giuseppe Cinanni. EUROPART works closely with a total of 24 partners in Spain. "These partners have been active in their region for many years and are known to their customers," Cinanni emphasizes. “As professionalization is taking place and major changes in the distribution of parts will come, we will make sure that our partners will be in a position of competitive advantage in the coming years by constantly increasing the level of service, reducing the cost of ownership for our customers, by working on our products, quality and distribution channels.” EUROPART is responsible for a comprehensive range of parts with more than 400,000 parts, a powerful logistics and the advice of the central technical team. “Our distributors will benefit from this collaboration throughout Spain,” emphasizes Giuseppe Cinanni.

The location of Eurorecanvis Girona will have both, sales shop and warehouse, with more than 700sqm space. Therefore, EUROPART is able to support and supply customers within the region of Girona the best possible way, reaching every point of the province in less than 2 hours. The joint venture will be operating independently and within the region of Girona only. Here, some of the most important workshops, fleets and bus operators are located and almost 45% of the goods transport traffic is circulating from / to the other countries of the EU.

All over Spain, EUROPART has been setting up its network with renowned partners in the past three years successfully: EUROPART is covering more than 80% of the country and more than 90% of the Spanish market, with an even increasing tendency. With this new approach, EUROPART is not only entering a new region, but is taking the next step: future expansion is planned, in order to gain further market shares of the IAM. Fleck: “Our declared goal is to rise to the top player in Spain in the medium term.”

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