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EUROPART equips Duvenbeck with solar cell sets from Green Energy

Jan 17, 2022

Flexible CIGS solar cell technology – designed specifically for use in vehicles

The Duvenbeck group of companies will test the innovative solar cell sets of the Scandinavian manufacturer Green Energy. This was jointly agreed by Bernd Reining, authorised signatory and fleet manager of the logistics company, Jens Ottosen, CTO, Claus Bjerno, Country Manager DACH of Green Energy, and Olaf Giesen, CEO of EUROPART as exclusive sales partner for Europe, at a meeting at Duvenbeck's headquarters in Bocholt. The fleet-wide installation of the solar cells is to be preceded by a trial phase with extensive data analysis.

"Batteries are a sore spot on trucks for a variety of reasons," explains Duvenbeck fleet manager Bernd Reining. "On the one hand, more and more electrical consumers – from the electrically adjustable driver's seat to the refrigerator to the TV – are putting a strain on the battery, which repeatedly causes deep discharges and consequently leads to costly failures. On the other hand, the generator for charging the batteries needs part of the power of the drive engine, which consumes additional fuel and causes CO2 emissions. One of Duvenbeck's corporate goals is to continuously improve our environmental footprint. The Green Energy solar cell technology, which has been developed specifically for vehicles, can help us reduce the CO2 emissions of our fleet while improving profitability."

Flexible and robust solar cells for the vehicle roof

Danish company Green Energy specialises in developing solar systems for mobile applications. Unlike conventional solar cells with cells made of crystalline silicon, the CIGS solar cells developed by the company are flexible and extremely resistant, which protects them from damage as well as spontaneous combustion. With their mere three millimetre thin and very flexible design, the solar cells are particularly suitable for use on vehicle roofs or other mobile applications. Sales partner EUROPART supplies the solar cells in preconfigured MIPV sets (Mobile Integrated Photo-voltaic) including charge controller, isolating relay, fuse and suitable inverter in different power levels. Data loggers and 230-volt inverters for connecting standard electrical equipment are available as options. The sets are certified, which means that the vehicle manufacturer's factory warranty is retained.

Assembly in your own workshop

Green Energy will initially train Duvenbeck's mechanics to install the MIPV sets in the logistics company's own workshop in order to support fleet-wide deployment at Duvenbeck. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to support the Duvenbeck group of companies in achieving their climate goals with this forward-looking project," says Jens Ottosen of Green Energy.

EUROPART CEO Olaf Giesen adds: "Innovative technologies and concepts, such as CIGS solar cell technology, are strategic components of EUROPART's product range, with which we offer our customers economical solutions for more climate-friendly operation of their vehicle fleets."

More information on CIGS solar cell technology and MIPV sets for vehicles at


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