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New: three-year warranty on EUROPART Premium Parts

Apr 6, 2021

Extended warranty now valid in all European countries

EUROPART, Europe's leading provider of commercial vehicle parts and workshop equipment, is now offering a three-year warranty on its own-brand EUROPART Premium Parts products in all 27 countries in which the company is represented. EUROPART is therefore going far beyond what is required by law in terms of warranty. Under the EUROPART Premium Parts brand, EUROPART primarily sells spare parts and consumables as an inexpensive alternative to original spare parts in OEM quality. The range comprises approximately 7,500 items – from filters to radiator parts, chassis, brake and engine components, electrical and lighting elements, tools, workshop equipment to cleaning agents or oils with approval from all major commercial vehicle manufacturers.

"By offering our three-year warranty, we are clearly demonstrating that we are absolutely convinced of the quality of EUROPART Premium Parts," says Ralf Stepputatis, Director Category Management "We select both our suppliers and the products in question very carefully. Our technicians and quality assurance specialists conduct regular quality checks in compliance with national and international standards. The result is a remarkable complaint rate of less than 0.01 percent."

Cornerstone of the EUROPART product range strategy

With its steadily growing range of EUROPART Premium Parts, the company is responding to the increased market demand for inexpensive alternatives to original spare parts, for example for repairs in keeping with the current value of the product. The own-brand products are therefore now an important cornerstone of the EUROPART product range strategy, as Ralf Stepputatis explains. "In addition to our own-brand Premium Parts, we also rely on strong brand partners. This way, we offer our customers a choice: They can choose from a large product portfolio of proven brand products from well-known manufacturers or opt for our own-brand Premium Parts in OEM quality with unbeatable value for money."

"Our technicians and engineers, and in fact the entire team, work relentlessly on the further development of our own brand," adds Heiko Trebus-Kühn, Head of Quality Management at EUROPART. "Product quality is our top priority. The EUROPART own-brand therefore bears the name of the company for good reason. The responsible actions of everyone involved with our own brand are reflected in our low complaint rate. We would now like to celebrate the result of our work together with our customers and offer a three-year guarantee on our own-brand EUROPART products."

Three-year warranty available worldwide

EUROPART Premium Parts with their three-year warranty are now available at all EUROPART sales outlets in 27 countries across Europe. The warranty covers all initial material defects for EUROPART Premium Parts from the date of purchase starting April 1. Excluded are, for example, damage due to wear and tear, improper installation or use, environmental and weather influences or transport damage. In the event of damage, EUROPART guarantees repair, replacement of the part or refund of the purchase price. Other claims, particularly for damages, compensation for installation and removal costs or any consequential damages such as downtime, are excluded.




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