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EUROPART has a new management structure

• Dr. Reiner Schmitz and Ralf Stepputatis have been appointed to the management of the EUROPART Materials business division.
• Sebastian Kamphaus is switching to General Manager EUROPART Trading / Sales Director Central Europe in sales.
• Goal: Intensifying the service and product portfolio
• Further development in all areas – from sourcing to delivery logistics
• Sven Hülbrock will be the Director of Business Development & Human Resources International


By 1 April 2020, EUROPART will have restructured management of the EUROPART Materials company division (Purchasing, warehousing and logistics) and EUROPART Trading (Sales Germany). At this time, Dr. Reiner Schmitz (51) and Ralf Stepputatis (56) will be newly appointed to the Management of EUROPART Materials.

Schmitz previously worked for EUROPART as the Supply Chain Director, and will soon take on responsibility of this area as General Manager. Both the optimisation of “last mile logistics” and the warehouse assortment as well as further increase of supply readiness are on the agenda. Stepputatis previously held managing positions in Purchasing and Product Management for various automobile and commercial vehicle parts dealers, most recently as the Chief Executive Officer of Procurement and Category Management with power of attorney. As General Manager and Director of Category Management at EUROPART Materials, the graduate business economist will expand the brand portfolio and further develop the EUROPART Premium Parts own brand.

The previous Director of Category Management Sebastian Kamphaus (39) is changing to Sales on 1 March 2020, and will also be appointed to the management of EUROPART Trading on 1 April 2020. As the Sales Director of Central Europe, in the future he will be responsible for sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Under his management, EUROPART will go on the offensive, primarily in service, for instance with an extended warranty for own-brand products, comprehensive marketing of the EWOS online order and consulting system, or a low-price guarantee.

EUROPART CEO Olaf Giesen: “As a leading company for commercial vehicle parts and garage equipment in Europe, we must recognize changes on the market faster than anyone else and position ourselves in advance. This way we will continue to be able to set standards in the future - with regard to trends in the industry, product assortment as well as delivery capability and customer consulting. This includes clearly regulating responsibilities while taking current and future developments – such as increasing digitisation – into account. I am excited that Dr. Reiner Schmitz and Sebastian Kamphaus, two very dedicated and competent EUROPART managers, will be taking on general management responsibility in their respective business divisions. Ralf Stepputatis is an experienced sourcing specialist and designated expert in the commercial vehicle parts industry. His many years of experience will give our company added momentum.

There is another change to human resources management at EUROPART. The previous Director of Human Resources International, Patrick Golder, has left the company for personal reasons. On 1 March 2020. Sven Hülbrock (48) assumed this position in addition to his tasks as Director of Business Development. Hülbrock, who has been working for EUROPART since 2015, took on responsibility for Business Development with sub-divisions Sales Management International, International Promotions and Pricing, at the start of 2020.

“Not only is Hülbrock exceptionally familiar with business in international markets, he also understands the importance of competent and customer-oriented employees at international points of sale and branches,” Olaf Giesen emphasizes. “As the Director of Business Development & Human Resources International, he can optimally bring the task areas together that significantly influence the successful development of our international business.” Nonetheless, the EUROPART CEO regrets Patrick Golder's departure. “I would like to express my sincere thanks to Patrick Golder for his dedication and our good collaboration. We wish him and his family all the best.”

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