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New battery competence brochure released

• Broad range of own-brand batteries
• Selection of suitable supplementary products

Hagen, 02.02.2015

EUROPART has expanded its range of competence brochures and presents the latest EUROPART own-brand products for the battery segment along with other brand names such as Varta, Optima and Exide. EUROPART also presents a matching range of testing equipment, battery testers, chargers, start boosters and other supplementary products. In addition, the brochures also include technical tips and tricks for optimum battery care and maintenance.

Permanent damage to the starter battery due to deep discharge is a frequent cause of vehicles starting problems during the cold winter months. In particular, stop-and-go traffic and short distance journeys have a negative impact on the battery's performance. The generator is often incapable of supplying the amount of electricity which the vehicle requires to power the large number of electronic devices and sensors. The especially powerful truck batteries in EUROPART's battery range can cope with even these demanding operating conditions when used as prescribed.

The absolutely maintenance free EUROPART Battery Plus version for heavy commercial vehicles is the perfect choice for the tough winter conditions. Based on calcium/calcium technology, this battery is distinguished by its high starting performance at cold temperatures, low self-discharge rate and high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the battery also features central degassing along with a safety cover with backfire protection, providing greater accident safety. Leading vehicle brands are increasingly utilising this technology because of the full calcium batteries' robustness and durability. This battery type is now also available in EUROPART's battery product range. 

As per the manufacturer's specifications, EUROPART recommends regularly inspecting the battery in order to ensure a long service life. The battery should be checked for cleanliness at regular intervals. The battery terminals and terminal clamps can be cleaned with the acid-free terminal grease also included in the own-brand product range. Above all, the terminals and connectors or clamps should be kept free of corrosion as this can have a negative influence on the battery's performance and create a safety risk.

All of the products featured in the battery competence brochure are available via EWOS, EUROPART's online workshop system, or can be ordered directly from the 200 EUROPART sales branches in 27 countries.

EUROPART Battery Broschure
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