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Clutch competence from EUROPART

• New brochure with comprehensive practical and maintenance tips
• Wide range of clutch parts and workshop requirements
• Comprehensive service section with damage profiles, causes of faults and service information

Hagen, 15.04.2015

EUROPART has published a new product competence brochure for clutches. With the 28 page brochure, the commercial vehicle parts dealer once again demonstrates its expertise for workshop professionals. The booklet contains not only the most important spare parts and workshop equipment for clutch repairs but also several explanations of clutch technology and useful, practical tips for damage diagnosis and identifying the causes of faults in clutches. EUROPART worked closely with LuK clutch systems specialists from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket to produce the competence brochure. 

The EUROPART range includes clutch kits for all commercial vehicle brands, with 430mm clutches for buses and lorries, 240mm clutches for vans, and 180mm clutches for small cars. The specific clutch systems in the EUROPART range include the LuK clutch with HD30PLUS friction lining, which is a latest generation friction lining with up to 30 percent longer durability of the clutch system. This innovative, long-life clutch lining is divided into two layers: the upper layer offers excellent friction properties and therefore provides a high level of driving comfort and low wear and tear, and the lower layer provides the necessary firmness and stability of the lining. This new clutch lining for difficult applications is now available in sizes 430mm, 400mm and 360mm.

EUROPART also offers the LuK RepSet SmarTAC from Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. The LuK RepSet SmarTAC is a path-controlled and continuously self-adjusting clutch system which is also fitted with clutch discs that have the long-life HD30PLUS friction lining. In this combination, the lifespan can be up to twice as long as in standard clutches.

The EUROPART range for clutch repairs also includes clutch kits and discs, flywheels, pilot bearings, crankshaft oil seals, release bearings, central release mechanisms, clutch actuators and clutch boosters. Alongside spare parts from well-known manufacturers such as LuK, Valeo, Viktor Renz, Wabco and Knorr-Bremse, the "Clutch" competence brochure also lists parts made by EUROPART, for example flywheels or pilot bearings for a wide range of lorries and buses.

Workshop requirements occupies a considerable part of the EUROPART "Clutch" competence brochure. Alongside testing and centring tools, it also covers servicing equipment and brake fluid for the proper filling and bleeding of the clutch hydraulics and pit lifts with 15 metric tons capacity including gearbox plate for safe gearbox installation and removal.

The increasingly widespread automated gearbox plays a special role in clutch repairs. A learning process must take place after the clutch has been changed, as the electronics no longer recognise the exact position of the clutch. This leads to faults in the control of various systems, which is often wrongly interpreted as a clutch separation problem. The control unit must therefore "learn" the engaging and disengaging point of the new clutch. Instructions on the correct method for the minor learning process are generally found on a packaging leaflet in the cardboard box of the spare clutch. In many commercial vehicles, the learning process can only be performed using a diagnostic device. EUROPART offers the correct device for this with the APT08 Axone 4 from TEXA.  This handheld diagnostic device comes with a 9.7 inch touch screen and VGA camera and has a WLAN module to connect to the network and bluetooth to communicate with the TEXA interface. The APT08 Axone 4 can also be used to reprogram single-disc clutches to dual-disc and also offers several additional setting and diagnostic functions for lorries, buses and vans.

The pages in the EUROPART "Clutch" competence brochure with technical information from the clutch systems specialist LuK are set out just as descriptively and fully. Divided according to reasons for a complaint, error tracking, damage diagnosis and troubleshooting, the brochure provides valuable and useful practical tips on the correct and efficient approach for faults which may occur in the clutch. With detailed pictures and descriptions, readers can obtain information about possible damage to the clutch disc, pressure plate, release system, gearbox shaft and flywheel, the causes of this, and the corrective measures required.

A summary table of reasons for a complaint, such as "clutch does not separate", "clutch slips" or "clutch makes noises", and the causes makes troubleshooting easier and helps prevent unnecessary work. Service information and repair instructions for specific clutch parts and individual vehicle parts supplement the extensive service offer in the new EUROPART "Clutch" competence brochure.

The 28 page brochure is available for free in all EUROPART branches or can be ordered by telephone on the free EUROPART order hotline 0800 9090905.

Clutch Competence Broschure
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