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EWOS 3.0 is responsive, which makes it suitable for use on any device. There is also a mobile version for smartphone and tablet users, which is specifically customised for use on these devices. Familiar and useful functions have been retained, whilst new and innovative functions have been added. This combination paired with a completely new system and a new database offers you added value that you as the user get to experience. In addition, EWOS 3.0 contains new data content that is provided by our partner TecAlliance.


Integrated functions

  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Customer article numbers
  • Favourite lists
  • Order history
  • Order data input
  • Estimate module
  • Product comparison


EWOS 3.0 – Unprecedented options



EWOS enables optimal organisation and includes, among other things, a comparison function for articles, an estimate module, the availability of vehicle fleet data, as well as retrieval of invoices and delivery receipts in real time.


The new mobility: Uploading photos in the contact form, 24-hour access to all data, integrated article scanner (no additional device required), as well as direct contact to the branch office at the push of a button.


The improved version of the electronic workshop system offers an interface that can be customised and local-specific data based on location determination. The software can be adjusted to meet your wants and needs.


EWOS impresses with a variety of technical data, such as repair instructions, standard labour times, maintenance plans, as well as test values and settings. All packed in one place.

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