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With over 100 years of innovation, Haldex has unrivaled expertise in braking systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks, trailers and buses. Haldex lives and breathes the business with the aim of delivering robust and technically superior solutions. By focusing on its core competencies and the passion shared by the entire team, Haldex achieves the agility and flexibility that the market demands. Innovative collaborations are not only at the core of their products, but also their philosophy.


Since February 2023, Haldex is officially part of the SAF-HOLLAND Group. SAF-HOLLAND and Haldex complement each other perfectly in terms of technology: axle and suspension systems, telematics and EBS control systems are now growing together to form an intelligent unit. This will enable Haldex to drive change in the transportation industry and develop innovative solutions for connectivity, electrification and autonomous driving. The best conditions are now in place to cover the most important growth areas of the future, including predictive maintenance.


The Haldex product portfolio focuses on braking products and air suspension systems for commercial vehicles. Haldex is the market leader in several product categories, including automatic slack adjusters for drum brakes. In addition, Haldex products have a high market share in areas such as air disc brakes, which are known for their innovative design. These and other wheel-side components belong to the Foundation Brake product group, while air suspension components such as ABS, EBS and air dryers form the Air Controls product group.

Foundation Brake:

Wheel-side products for brake actuation and pad wear adjustment.

Disc brakes


Automatic slack adjuster


Spring-loaded cylinder


Air Controls:

Products for drying, cleaning and controlling the compressed air in the brake system.

Electronically controlled systems (EBS, ABS, ESP)




Air suspension systems


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